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Lama Hajj 26 Mar 2016

7 Easter Traditions From Around The World

In Lebanon we have family lunches and tons of maamoul, but did you ever wonder how other countries celebrate this holiday?

1. In the Czech Republic

Men will playfully spank women with whips made of willow on Easter Monday. Why? This is supposed to improve fertility and health. Cool…

2. In Poland

Easter Monday witnesses huge water fights. Splashing water is supposed to bring wellness and beauty.

3. In Ireland

Pubs shut down on Good Friday.

4. In the US

The president hosts the annual Easter egg roll where children gather on the lawn of the White House for games, storytelling, entertainment, and egg rolling on Easter Monday.

5. In Brazil

Straw statues of Judas are constructed. Locals then proceed to punch, kick and set ablaze the statue because f Judas, that’s why.

6. In the UK

Simnel cakes which are fruit cakes topped with 12 marzipan balls (representing the 12 apostles) are consumed throughout Easter.

7. In Ghana

They have their annual paragliding festival.