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Mira Mawla 13 Apr 2016

A Guide To Proposing In Lebanon

Wedding season is upon us. Whether you’re a woman surpassing our trying traditions, or a classic gentleman who can’t wait to get down on one knee, we know the season is coming and you’re scrambling for a plan. We’re here to help! Here are six awesome, romantic spots to pop the question in Lebanon.

1. Horsh Beirut

Image via Discoverlebanon.com

We finally have a public park – use it! Horsh Beirut is only open on Saturdays before dark, and you can’t bring in any alcohol. But you can make it work; we suggest a nice sunset in the background. Make it quick before the guards come in and start forcing you out.

2. Our Lady Nouriyye

Image via Stateofmind13.com

This church is a must-see touristic destination, and it’s a really great spot to go to with your significant other. The view is breathtaking and the silence is beyond peaceful. A post-proposal cruise through the gorgeous Batroun and Hamat areas is definitely in order right after you pop the question!

3. The Teleferique

Image via Karimsalha.com

Look deep into your partner’s eyes (possibly when the cable car hasn’t stopped because of a power outage) and ask them to spend their life with you in midair! Make sure they’re not afraid of heights, and maybe do it close to the end of the trip, because if they say no, it will be the most awkward ride of your life. And there will be nowhere to run.

4. Downtown Beirut

Image via Flickr.com

Anywhere in the Bab Idriss area is great too, especially if you usually frequent it with your loved one. There’s a stretch that leads into the Beirut Souks road, where you’ll see the St. Louis des Capucins church on your right. If not, the round gardens in front of the cabinet/ESCWA buildings are always a good idea. And hey, you would have at least made the space around our cabinet effective! Two birds one wedding!

5. Tyre Seashore

Image via Zenfolio.com

The country’s cleanest shore behind you, waves at your feet, sublime spring weather…and the beach is public! You can go all out on this one, use the tents along the beach to your advantage, and take a stroll in Tyre before or after! There’s so much to do and see there – a romantic destination all year round if you ask me.

6. Her dad’s house

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is where most of you young hopeful men will end up popping the question. But if you’re lucky, the bride-to-be will agree to a staged proposal which she will then post on Facebook as a “surprise”. Full make-up, fake lashes for the pictures, and a brand new outfit-all at your disposal after daddy’s green light! What could be better?

Enjoy celebrating your love, everyone!