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Marc Ghazali 26 Apr 2016

The 6 Best Things I Ate At Souk El Akel

Happening every Thursday in Downtown Beirut, the Souk el Akel food market has become a cool tradition and a place for us to eat our body weight in delicious meals and treats.

The market has also started making its way around Lebanon, with the highlights being Tripoli, Saida, and Zouk thus far.

The latest Zouk edition was great and here are our top picks for you foodies:

1. Popsicles (Pop City)

Their colorful appearance is sure to draw your attention, but guess what? They taste even better than they look! Just choose any flavor mix (like strawberry/kiwi or Nutella/peanut butter) and enjoy the medley of flavors. Aside from being deliciously addictive, the popsicles taste fresh and unprocessed.

2. Pulled pork sandwich (This Little Piggy)

This sandwich is a game-changer. It contains delicious slow cooked pulled pork with provolone cheese, a spicy sauce, and crunchy coleslaw. Word of advice: don’t fight the urge to buy a second one after you finish the first, you’ll regret it later.

3. Sushi Burrito (Ichiban)


4. Raclette burger (Meats & Bread)

Have you ever tried Black Angus beef with Raclette cheese? If not, you’re really missing out in life because a mouth-gasm is guaranteed. This marriage of these two premium ingredients is accompanied by a delicious tangy coleslaw all in a soft bun.

5. Pain Perdu (Cakes and Bites)

Warning: this delicious dessert could very well send you into diabetic shock due to the amount of sugar and butter used. But is it worth it? Definitely. You have a wide selection of flavors like apple, caramel, chocolate, banana, and marshmallows – go nuts!

6. Belgian Fries (Friesy)

Yes, they look like regular fries. Yes, they’re not the most innovative culinary invention. But: they taste like heaven and that’s why these bad boys earned a spot in our top picks. Don’t believe me? Go to the next Souk el Akel and taste them. You’re welcome.

Souk el Akel runs every Thursday in Downtown Beirut from 5 PM – 11 PM.

You can keep up with their dates and tours here.