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Lynn Bizri 01 May 2016

7 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Batroun

Who needs reasons?! Here are a few anyway…

1. The relaxed atmosphere

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Batroun may be a city but it has all the feels of your typical ‘day3a’ or village. A place to unwind and let go, escape, and slow down time, Batroun and its overly friendly inhabitants (who will definitely invite you in for some coffee or tea) will charm and hypnotize you with their easy living vibes.

2. The beaches

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Batroun’s beaches are known for their pebbly shores, crystal clear waters and minimal or non-existent entrance fees. Whether you’re looking for a beach party atmosphere (check out O Glaceé, Pierre and Friends, or Bay 11) or somewhere to relax and snooze under the sun (try White Beach, Orchid, or Joining Seafood), there’s a beach for everyone in Batroun.

3. The Lemonade

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After a long day on the beach, there’s no better way to quench your thirst than with a cup (or two) of the famous Batrouni lemonade. Tangy, but with just the right amount of sweetness, you can find this local specialty at many locations in the city (but my personal favorite is Jessy Juice).

4. The Old Souk

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The old souk of Batroun is bedecked with shaded cobblestone roads and charming shops built of aged stones. While the souk has been modernized and you can find everything from sea shells to clothing to fish sandwiches, a wander through it’s narrow alleyways will reveal several gems.

5. The Phoenician Wall

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A first-time trip to Batroun is incomplete without a visit to the renowned and majestic ancient structure that is the Phoenician wall. Once a natural structure composed of petrified sand dunes, the Phoenicians reinforced it and used it as protection from the sea storms and invaders.

6. The local beer brewery

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As you may or may not know, Batroun has its own local beer (and brewery) and its pretty damn good. Head to Colonel’s Beer Breweryand unwind in the beer garden while sipping on some ice-cold beer (my personal favorite is the unfiltered lager) and jamming to chill tunes or a live local band if you’re lucky.

7. The aqua-sports

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If you’re looking to try a new aqua-sport, then Batroun is the place to go. With its surf spots and beaches that are perfect for learning, and local instructors that have been navigating the waters since they were kids, you can take your pick from surfing, windsurfing, sailing, SUP, SCUBA diving, and more.