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Lama Hajj 17 May 2016

4 Amazing Road Trips To Take In Lebanon

Granted, Lebanon isn’t the biggest country in the world and the longest road trip can take five hours tops, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t so much to see. They say if you want to test your friendships you should take a road trip with your loved ones. If you can stand to be stuck in a car with your buddies and have to listen to their music when they’re DJing (and dare I say it, even have fun doing it?), chances are you guys will last at least another three or four years. Here are a few ideas:

1. Vineyard Tour in Batroun

(Image via Lebtivity)

Located in the north of Lebanon, Batroun is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. You can start the tour with breakfast at Mayouli, a peaceful guesthouse where you can relax before proceeding to consume your weight in wine.

Your first wine stop can be the IXSIR Winery where renowned chef Nicolas Audi has opened a new restaurant.

The tour of the cellars and the wine tasting will keep you buzzed until you reach your third location, another vineyard, Adyar where you can finish off your drunken stupor and enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

2. The Chouf

(Image via Food Blogger Connect)

For those of you who are more active, a hiking trail through the Chouf reserves would be more your thing.

After your hike, lovers of lavender plants, green-encompassed buildings and some traditional fresh labne should stay at Bouyouti, a beautiful Bed and Breakfast with a pool.

After relaxing, move on to enjoy a lunch at the historic Mir Amin Palace, and take in the beautiful valley view.

3. South Lebanon

(Image via a-Lebanon)

Opt to stay at the guesthouse in Naqoura/Tyre called Al-Yasmine Guesthouse. It has a flamingo colony, deer and horses on the property, as well as a pool. An alternative is the unique Orange House Project, the last sea-turtle sanctuary and reserve in Lebanon.

After, you can visit the infamous Roman ruins in Tyre, and have a swim on the beautiful Southern shore. Le Phenicien-Al-Hadid is a fascinating fishing pier-style restaurant – perfect for a late sunset lunch, but you should try to reserve in advance!

4. Jbeil

(Image via Byblos Furnished Apartments)

To fully experience one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, start at the ruins. Stroll down the enchanting old souk where there are several restaurants, cafes, and bars, and lunch at either the cozy rooftop grill, Malena, or the hotel restaurant of Byblos Sur Mer, situated at the edge of the pier.

If you’re up for a drive, go to Amchit, claimant of the most beautiful waters in the country, and have dinner at the revered and delicious Babel Al Baher (the shrimp fatteh is a must, I devour three of them at a time) After that, drinks are in order at the unique spot, Pierre & Friends, a reggae-style beach bar. Drink enough margaritas until you’re stupid enough to jump off the rocks in the middle of the lagoon to end the perfect weekend.