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Lama Hajj 25 May 2016

There’s A Weed Coffee Machine And We Need It

You know your trusty Nespresso machine? You know how you stumble to it every morning and shove a Ristretto pod in to help get your day started?

Well, now there’s something else you can shove. It’s called the CannaCloud, a pod-based marijuana vaporizer system. Instead of putting in coffee pods, you put in marijuana pods. Is someone studying my dreams and making them come true? I think so.

Everyone, we need this. Someone start lobbying to bring this home to Lebanon, start a Kickstarter, do something, because we need this in Lebanon.

Imagine all those jacked up angry drivers soothed by a mellow Indica blend for their morning commute.

Imagine your boss not being a total dick because he vaped just before leaving his house.

Imagine all our politicians so chilled out that they don’t have the time or energy to screw us in the ass…IMAGINE.

Here’s how it works: with the press of a button, the canister heats the marijuana and fills with vapor in less than a minute. LESS THAN A MINUTE. You then inhale using the plastic mouthpiece. Done.

Lebanese people, this was made for us. We love minimalistic gadgets, we love things that can get done quickly, we love polluting the world with needless tiny capsules.

But moreover, we need this. We need the calm, we need to chill the fuck out.