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Lama Hajj 12 Jun 2016

We Found The Coolest, Most Unique Gift Shop In Beirut

For those of you who struggle when it comes time to give gifts, we feel you.

It can be really tricky to avoid giving cliched gifts like perfume, jewelry, or useless trinkets that end up cluttering houses. Luckily, we came across an incredible online gift shop that has anything but boring gifts for every type of person you could think of! They have something for almost every budget, and the best part is they’ll deliver the items right to your doorstep – you can do all your gifting from the comfort of your couch.

It’s called CodeOne, and it has a wide array of items selected from all around the world. Here are a few of the cool things we found:

For the drinks lover:

Code One is the exclusive seller of these awesome copper sets, and anyone who loves Moscow Mules knows the only way to drink them is from a proper copper mug.

You can also get: copper straws and a copper flask to complete the set.

For the cooking lover:

There is so, so much to choose from but something that caught out eye was this nifty double carved wood bottle stand.

You can also get: specialized knife sets, carved wooden serving bowls, and a very nifty wooden serving slab to upgrade your presentations!

For the creative child:

It was such a breath of fresh air seeing a place with children’s toys that aren’t mind numbing electronics. The coolest gift had to be this 70 piece construction train set which will keep your little engineer busy for hours on end.

You can also get: Wooden blocks and puzzles to stimulate the mind as well as gorgeous soft plush toys available in varied sizes, to give your little one a best friend.

For the newlyweds:

Everyone wonders what to get a newlywed couple…then ends up getting them the same blender they’ve already received a dozen times. Our two favorite options for this gift category were a gorgeous antique mirror and an adorable wall hook for keys. Take your pick!

You can also get: Doorstoppers, doormats, rustic looking planters, candles, jars, frames – really, the list is endless!

Seasonal gifts:

Code One also keeps things fresh by providing gifts tailored for every season! Right now, they have a unique Ramadan collection available that is comprised of hampers filled with Ramadan goodies.

Treat yourself:

Who says gifts have to be intended for other people? You can spoil yourself with almost anything at this store, but we chose this velvet bathrobe and got it embroidered, just to make is that much more special.

You can check out CodeOne’s website here, and be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram.