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Jasmin Tokko 17 Jun 2016

7 Awesome Places To Watch The Euro 2016

It’s football season, which means fans will be planning their outings accordingly until July 10th.

Here is a list of a few cool places to watch the Euro 2016 games.

1. The Garten

Its Saturday night, you really feel like partying but there is a game at 10:00 PM, The Garten is the perfect place for both. It has the perfect outdoor atmosphere: lush green grass you can watch the game on, have some drinks, and party the minute the game finishes!

For more information, call 76 363 662

2. Junkyard

A magical place created from unwanted material, the Junkyard is the perfect place to pre-party, have a bite, and enjoy the games in a cool atmosphere.

For more information, call 03 945 961

3. Coop d’Etat

The perfect kind of rooftop: simple, cozy, and overlooking the Beirut port. Coop is always welcoming with its groovy music, good food, and the EuroCup playing on large TVs.

For more information, call 71 134 173

4. Bodo

A great place: fairly cheap, has several branches, plays great music, and always has the game on. For the Euro Cup, they’re offering open nachos and your choice of open margaritas or beer for $20!

For more information, visit this page for all the different branches and phone numbers.

5. Native

Located in Dbayeh, Native allows you to experience bits and pieces of the world through their drinks, food, and music. During the EuroCup, they’re offering open beer and burgers for just $25, as well as an extended happy hour from 5 – 9 PM (50% off drinks and appetizers).

For more information, call 03 023 400

6. Taiga

A giant screen! That’s all we need to say to convince you, but we’ll also mention that Taiga has a great ambiance and delicious cocktails to boot.

For more information, call 03 499 408

7. Jalsat

Sit. Relax. Eat. Watch. A place that feels like home, because it is literally a beautiful old home located in Ain Al Tanour, Mayruba. Offering delicious fresh food and a loving atmosphere, this is a great and unconventional place to watch the games.

For more information, call 03 895 970