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Lynn Bizri 22 Jun 2016

4 Local App Startups You Need To Support

Here are a few local initiatives to check out. Download these apps and support local developers!

Note: click the name of each app for more information on where to download it.

1. Blink My Car

Image via keeward.com

If you’re anything like me, chances are you have a filthy car sitting in the parking lot just dying to be washed, and you’re either too lazy or too busy to get it done. Introducing ‘Blink My Car’, the latest on-demand waterless car wash service that comes and cleans your car anywhere and anytime. All you have to do it place an order through their app, and the first wash is free!

2. Waynak

I truly hate having to give elaborate directions on the phone, and Lebanon’s outdated addressing system only makes it more difficult. Thankfully, instead of having to babble a succession of ‘shmel, yamine, shmel’, we now have Waynak, an application that allows you to share your exact address with anyone (friends, business providers, emergency services etc.) with a simple click.

3. Sympaticus

Sometimes it’s hard for us women to deal with our issues and even harder to find someone to share them with. Luckily, we now have Sympaticus, a new online psychotherapy/wellbeing platform (in beta) made by women for women in the MENA region. The app comes filled with features such as self-learning activities, symptoms diagnostics, feel-better guided activities, a goal tracker, and even a list of therapists and coaches you can communicate with via the app.

4. Play My Way

Image via uklebhub.com

It’s no secret that most children these days are wasting too much time on their smartphones and tablets, and while we can’t reverse this phenomenon, we may have found an app that just might soften the blows. Play My Way interrupts running applications at parent-specified intervals with an educational question, and only returns to the app once the question is answered. Disclaimer: Play My Way is not liable for any anger-ensued tantrums.