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Lynn Bizri 28 Jun 2016

5 Unbelievably Beautiful Places In Lebanon

Our country is so beautiful!

1. Qurnat as Sawda, North Lebanon

Image via snow-forecast.com

Qurnat as Sawda or ‘The Black Peak’ is the highest point in Lebanon and the Levant, and although it requires some effort to reach at 3,088 meters above sea level, it is pure Lebanese beauty . The summit offers unique and astounding panoramic views of Lebanon, Syria, and even Cyprus (when the weather conditions are good). Hiking to the peak is an amazing and challenging experience, especially on snow-specked trails, but if that’s not your thing, you can always road trip there.

2. Lake Qaraoun, Bekaa

Image via thevelvetrocket.wordpress.com

Lake Qaraoun, which is located in the southern region of the Bekaa Valley, is Lebanon’s only man-made lake and was created in 1959 after the construction of Lebanon’s largest dam in the middle of the Litani river. While the reservoir is used for hydropower generation and irrigation and is habitat to some 20,000 migratory birds that visit it annually, you can also spend the night at one of the hotels by the lake, have lunch at one of the fish restaurants, or take a boat ride for lake viewing and fishing.

3. Baatara Sinkhole, Tannourine

Image via blogbaladi.com

The Baatara Sinkhole, or Balou3 Balaa, is a 250 meter deep natural sinkhole and one of the most serene and scenic places in Lebanon. The sinkhole features three natural bridges and during the spring melt, a 100 meter waterfall that falls behind the bridges and then down into a 240 meter chasm. While the location is best visited during the spring, it’s also a great place for a picnic, camping, hiking and if you’re an adventure junkie, rappelling (which you can do with some adventure groups).

4. Sea Caves, Batroun

Image via redbull.com

Batroun is home to many hidden caves and cliffs that make for sweet jump spots and an unforgettable experience. Head to the rocky area left of Joining beach, jump in and discover the hidden sea lagoons and caves, and marvel at the crystal clear and clean water. You can easily spend an entire day there, just make sure to bring along a hat or some shading device, food, and your GoPro, snorkeling gear and selfie stick!

5. Jaj Cedars, Jbeil

Image via Instagram

The Cedar forest in Jaj is one of the most famous and ancient forests in Lebanon and is also known as the Cedars of God. Located in the Jaj region in Jbeil, the forest stands at an altitude of 1,500 meters and contains about 375 trees, all of which are between 1200 and 2000 years old. You’ll also get to enjoy the breathtaking Karst rock formations. While several hours of hiking are necessary to reach the trees, the beautiful cedars rooted amongst the masses of rock are worth the effort needed to reach them, and you can always pass out under their shade after a well-deserved picnic.