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Ghina Al Fout 05 Jul 2016

7 Things That Happen Every Eid

Eid El Fitr is here! And with it comes a whole lot of tradition and even more food. Here are 7 things that we all face every single Eid:

1. Maa’mool Overload

We all love Maa’mool, but that love starts to wear thin after the 15th maa’mool is shoved down our throats.

2. Never-ending family visits

Back to back visits to people that haven’t seen you since “you were this big” and who won’t stop pinching your cheeks.

3. Awkward phone calls 

You know the drill, your mom hands you the phone to talk to some distant relative whose name you don’t even remember, so you’re stuck with this awkward conversation with a lot of “lhamdella”’s and “nshallah”’s.

4. Toy Guns Everywhere

I don’t get it, I don’t see the connection between toy guns and Eid! But you can bet there will be groups of kids running around aiming their dumb toy guns at you. 

5. Over the top outfits and makeup everywhere

There’s always this one (or a dozen) girl who goes overboard with her Eid outfit and makeup. Also, be prepared to have your Instagram flooded with Eid outfit pictures. #EidMubarak #Dior


The first day of Eid is always barbecue day!

7. “Ma Ka2enno fi Eid” 

Last but not least, the very famous “it doesn’t feel like Eid” comment that you will most certainly hear at least three times per visit. And your aunt is sure to comment on how nobody is celebrating because the world has gone downhill.

Eid Mubarak Everyone!