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Lama Hajj 14 Jul 2016

14 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Lebanon

Take a trip down memory lane with us.

1. Beirut, 1970s

2. Beirut, 1960

(Image via Souar)

3. Rue Georges Picot, 1958

(Image via National Geographic)

This photo was taken by Thomas J. Abercrombie for the National Geographic and its original description read, “For variety, few cities can match Lebanon’s bustling capital. Part Christian, part Moslem, Beirut combines East and West, ancient and modern. Contrasts stand out vividly in street scenes such as this on the Rue Georges Picot.”

4. Beirut, 1960s

Did you know: the smell of Beirut used to be associated with Jasmine because of all the flower markets inhabiting it.

5. Lebanese farmer, 1890

(Image via Oldbeirut.com)

6. Raouche, 1960s

(Image via Oldbeirut.com)

7. Beirut Souks, 1960s

(Image via Oldbeirut.com)

8. Sadat, the original Chico’s Store, Hamra, 1960s

(Image via Oldbeirut.com)

9. Weygand Street, Downtown Beirut,1950s

(Image via Oldbeirut.com)

10. Corner of Hamra and Sadat, 1960s

Photo by Romain Swedenburg

11. AUB Students and Teachers,1914

Copyright Library of Congress

12. Ouzai, 1960s

(Image via Souar)

13. Harissa, undated

(Image via ilovejounieh)

14. Phoenicia Hotel, 1960s

Copyright LIFE Magazine