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Lama Hajj 22 Jul 2016

Let’s Help This Woman Raise Money For Her Mother’s Liver Transplant

My mom, Rozine Moughalian, is a 56 year-old psychologist and mother of two. She lives in Bourj Hammoud, an area that has been recently piled with garbage and darkened by black smoke from burning trash. In the last three months, my mom developed subacute liver failure, which doctors were unable to diagnose and suspect possible drug or toxin exposure.

This is how Catherine Moughalian starts her open letter in which she asks people to help her raise money for her mother’s liver transplant. In the letter Catherine sheds light on several issues in Lebanon such as corruption, the garbage crisis, and lack of free medical care. But most importantly she talks about how desperately her mother, Rozine, needs a liver transplant. Rozine, once a vivacious mother of two, used to be able to work three jobs but is now confined to the hospital in terminal condition.

“In a country where our basic rights are not available, or only available to a select few, sticking together is more of a basic need than duty,” writes Catherine, going on to describe how her family has exhausted their options and implores readers of the letter to mobilize their resources.

We here at the office have already donated, and we urge you all to do the same. Every single dollar counts, you could be saving a life.

To read Catherine’s letter and to donate, please click here.