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Lama Hajj 16 Aug 2016

We Need To Stop Cutting Down Cedars For These Stupid Souvenirs

First let me preface this by saying that souvenirs, in general, are really silly.

When have you ever looked at your dumb pile of sand and been magically transported back to Egypt? Never. So calm down, you don’t need to fill your house with garbage every time you take a vacation.

But the most heinous type of souvenir is the wasteful type, like the chunks of engraved Cedar tree tourists are bombarded with at many touristic hotspots around the country like Barouk and Baalbak to name a couple.

Real slabs of Cedar are engraved with everything from the Lebanese flag, to religious icons, to the outline of a Cedar tree. Hey, you know what has the outline of a Cedar tree? An actual fucking Cedar tree! You didn’t need to make a pocket-sized version for your tacky living room.

So the next time you reach for that ‘Welcome Home’ slab of Cedar stop yourself and think, do I really need this to gather dust in my living room?