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Christina Fakhry 24 Aug 2016

4 Ways to Style Your Mini Skirt This Summer (Because The Mini Is Back!)

After falling from grace for a few years with the advent of the skinny jeans craze, the miniskirt is making a killer comeback this season in all styles and variations. So if you’re planning to go mini this summer, this visual style guide is guaranteed to tickle your fashion appetite.

The Denim Mini

Image via Christina Fakhry

An ultimate staple of early 00s fashion, the denim miniskirt is your best bet for braving the heat in style (and it pretty much works with everything which adds to its existing aesthetic virtues). Instead of going for a plain variation, I chose a button-front jeans miniskirt with one-sided floral detail and paired it with a nude-colored top to preserve the vintage feel conveyed by the skirt. In order to add some edge to the look, you can always throw in a pair of chunky platform sandals or venture into boho chic in terms of accessories, just like this earth-toned cross bag.

The Striped Mini

Image via Christina Fakhry

The second style set on the menu today is built around a chic off-white miniskirt with thin blue stripes. Given the simple cut of the skirt, I chose to pair it with a neat tie-shirt and a pair of leather toe thong sandals for an elegant yet casual touch. You can always inject a dash of color with your choice of bag and accessories when working around such a light-toned outfit combination.

The Embroidered Mini

Image via Christina Fakhry

If you’re looking for a chic (and somewhat Frenchy) alternative, then a subtly embroidered mini will definitely work well for you. This variation might be trickier to style than others as it bears no additional twists in terms of color and accessorizing. Make sure to abide by the ‘less is more’ rule when working around such a piece by choosing a simple light-colored top that is slightly more polished than your average cotton crop top and adding a pair of pointy shoes (flats or heels) to maintain an elegant overall spirit for your outfit. And a vintage floppy hat can only be the cherry on top of the cake.

The Floral Mini

Image via Christina Fakhry

Floral miniskirts are mostly worn in the context of casual everyday outings but this does not mean you cannot incorporate them into a night out’s look. You can achieve that by pairing your skirt with a velvet/leather top that suits the color tones and feel of its print and adding a matching accessory on top. Go for strappy nude-colored sandals (strappy sandals are the ultimate trend in the shoe department this summer!) and a plain clutch to subtly complement your outfit.