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Lama Hajj 28 Oct 2016

6 Horrible Mistakes Lebanese Soap Operas Make

It’s rather normal for dramas and soap operas to be filled with plot gaps and inconsistencies, but Lebanese drama series manage to take this form of television entertainment to a whole new level. The esthetic and content of these shows is so exaggerated and fake, it verges on the ridiculously absurd. And it doesn’t mimic any aspect of real life – which is essentially the point of a drama series. Lebanese soap operas, you’re doing it wrong:

1. Everyone is a multi-millionaire

Image via City-Data.com

How is this an appropriate reflection of society when 28% of the Lebanese population actually lives below the poverty line? Suddenly everyone has ten bodyguards and four or five companies. Almost every show produced in the last decade has featured a villa, a board room, a cigar smoking executive, and a murder on a yacht.

2. Amnesia

Image via ElCinema.com

Main characters too often develop amnesia and forget that they are multi-millionaires who are about to inherit a massive company. Amnesia is not that common – and having your full memory restored in a matter of seconds during the season finale is even less common.

3. The walk on the beach

Why? Why must your budding romance include a first date in Manara? We all know what really goes down in Manara: public urination and sexual harassment. No thanks.

4.The full make-up

Morning, day, night, wedding, funeral, lunch, meeting, nap time, working out…any time, any activity – you can guarantee that the female actors are decked out with full make-up and hair. Interestingly enough, it is never tastefully done television make-up, but rather that gaudy shimmery eye-shadow/intense eyeliner combo everybody loves. God forbid we see the real shape of your eyebrows.

5. Deathly awkward dialogue and clothing

Image via 7adoota.com

Speaking in puns, dressed like you’re about to go clubbing at nine in the morning while you’re sitting in your ugly living room; Lebanese soap operas are the best.

6. The kind of love that will never happen

Image via Al-Arabiya.net

The wealthy entrepreneur will fall in love with the housekeeper’s daughter. And of course she will be extremely stubborn and reject him at first before realizing how down to earth and special he is. Her revelation will come during the finale of the series, the last two minutes, at their wedding.