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Lama Hajj 02 Dec 2016

8 Things You’ll Understand If You’re A Hairdresser

The hairdresser: a trusted confidant to some, a feared scissor-wielder to others. If you happen to be on the other side of the chair, you’ll more than relate to the following.

1. You know what “Oh, do whatever you like” really means

It tends to mean, “Don’t cut more than half a millimeter of my hair, and style it exactly as it is right now.” Right, I’ll just give it a brush then.

2. Most of your clothes are stained by bleach

All it takes is the feverish flick of a bleach brush to ruin your favorite shirt. Note to self: don’t forget to wear an apron next time.

3. When customers come in with a celebrity picture

Please have realistic expectations: I do hair, I don’t perform plastic surgery. And I cannot turn you into a Jennifer Aniston with a simple trim.

4. Your hands will never be the same again

Most of the time your hands will feel like those of a 70 year old’s from washing a zillion people’s hair. And you can say goodbye to ever having nails harder than jello too.

5. Your family and friends will expect free stylings all the time

You’ll mostly dread wedding season because that’s when everybody will want “just a quick up-do” as they say.

6. You’ll fake the nod and smile

Because that’s what will get you through any conversation with your clients without having to partake in it. All the while hoping that all they talk about is their vacation and nothing more.

7. You’ll pick up weird habits from your job

Like when you find yourself criticizing the hair styles of the characters during films and TV shows instead of actually following the plot.

8. Your new weekends are Mondays and Tuesdays

Having Saturdays and Sundays off has become a distant memory. But hey, you love your job and wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.