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Christina Naim 09 Dec 2016

6 Of The Best Lebanese Restaurants In Lebanon

If you live in Lebanon or you’re just visiting, you most probably noticed that most Lebanese outings revolve around food. Not only is Lebanese food aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also one of the most delicious cuisines found in the world! And who does it better than the Lebanese?

Here are six of the best authentic Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon to indulge in!

1. Babel Bahr

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

If you are looking for the best Lebanese food in Lebanon (especially seafood), Babel Bahr in Amchit is an absolute must. The exceptionally delectable food, impeccable service, and calm atmosphere – everything down to the last detail is just perfect. Order the Kebbet Sammak, which is truly divine and exceptional. Don’t leave without ordering their special Tamriyeh for dessert, which is probably my favourite unique Lebanese dessert to date.

If you don’t want to go all the way to Amchit (trust me, you want to), you can always go to their other branches in Dbayeh or Zaitunay Bay.

Address: President Sleiman Boulevard, Amchit, Jbeil District
Contact: +961-9-620999 / +961-76-620999

2. L’Os Restaurant

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Established in 1964, L’Os Restaurant is famed for its delicious traditional Lebanese cuisine. Try their Hummus, Batata Bkezebra (fried potatoes with coriander), and their succulent mixed grill. You can’t visit L’Os and not order their renowned garlic bread, a freshly baked baguette filled with garlic, coriander and butter; a blissful combination. It’s probably not the best thing to order on a first date though!

L’Os has opened a new spot in Gemmayze named L’Os en Ville for those closer to the city centre! Make sure to reserve on weekends as it does get packed during rush hour.

Address: Main Street, Beit Mery, Metn
Contact: +961-4-531555

3. Em Sherif

Image via emsherif.com

The renowned Lebanese restaurant Em Sherif provides guests with fine dining on a whole new level. A live band plays oriental music in a luxurious setting every night for the guests’ entertainment. The set menu offers a vast choice of delicious classics and special twists. It’s the perfect place for a corporate lunch, friends and family gathering, and even a romantic date! Booking is highly recommended. Fasting a day before is also recommended; brace yourself for a feast fit for two kings!

Address: Victor Hugo Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-206206 / +961-70-919119

4. Al Sultan Brahim

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

Al Sultan Brahim is another fine Lebanese restaurant serving fresh seafood as well as non-seafood options for the seafood haters (how can you hate seafood?!). On my last visit, while everyone was having hummus and the like, I was on my 3rd or 4th serving of octopus tentacles – absolutely delicious! Al Sultan Brahim offers impeccable service paired with high quality seafood, delectable mezza, and other Lebanese cuisine staples. Don’t hesitate.

Address: Charles Helou Street, Downtown, Beirut
Contact: +961-1-989989

5. Al Halabi Restaurant

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Al Halabi Restaurant in Antelias offers delicious Lebanese mezza and succulent premium quality meat for all to enjoy, accompanied with very friendly staff and great service. It’s the perfect spot for a Sunday lunch with the family; it does get crowded though so you will definitely need to book in advance!

Address: Antelias Square, Antelias, Metn
Contact: +961-4-523555 / +961-70-523555

6. Maison M Naccache

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Maison M in Naccache has never let me down in terms of their excellent quality food and service. Their Lebanese restaurant is the perfect spot for a traditional Lebanese lunch or dinner with a marvelous view and a unique twist on some exceptional dishes! Be sure to order their Maajouka (معجوقة) which is a mix of bulgur, lentils, spring onions, chili paste, and debs el remmen. Check out my exclusive review of Maison M.

Address: Maison M, 1st Floor, Mar Mansour Street, Facing Pharmacy Braidi, Naccache, Metn
Contact: +961-4-444260 / +961-76-444044