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Christina Fakhry 10 Jan 2017

Year in Review: 25 Moments That Marked 2016

2016 unfolded as one action-packed assortment of overwhelmingly devastating and hilariously orchestrated events and we tried relatively hard to bring you a brief yet comprehensive overview of its major highlights to keep you busy as you prepare for another messy trip around the sun.

1. January kicked off with a major bang for Lebanese politics.

Image via Daily Star

2. We lost too many legends…

3. And to seal the deal, the guy who sings Last Christmas eventually had to draw his last breath on Christmas Day.

Image via WordPress

4. The UK broke up with the EU as a result of a nationwide referendum, thereby initiating the most devastatingly popular hashtag of the year.

5. Brangelina followed suit in September, breaking the Internet and our hearts in the process.

6. An EgyptAir flight was taken over by an ‘unstable’ Egyptian man wearing a fake explosive belt in what appeared to be a desperate attempt to reconnect with his Cypriot ex-wife, and one passenger’s picture with the hijacker went viral in the aftermath of the incident.

Image via Twitter

7. Lebanon became an international trash sensation.

Image via Al Jazeera

8. Harambe, Evil Kermit, Skai Jackson and Trump gained iconic meme status.

9. Twitter cheerfully celebrated its 10th anniversary in March.

10. And then went on to shut down short-form video hosting platform Vine in October, leaving the Internet in intense mourning.

Image via Adweek

11. Instagram, on the other hand, gave up its retro polaroid logo in favor of a severely gradient uplift and Twitter wasn’t exactly impressed.

12. But the Instagram drama wasn’t over just yet as the platform went on to rival Snapchat by venturing into expiring content with Instagram Stories.

Image via WordPress

13. There was an explosion near BLOM bank’s Verdun branch in June and no one bothered to brief us on the actual suspects/motives to this day.

Image via Annahar

14. Driving trucks into celebrating crowds became the latest terrorist fad with two horrific vehicle-ramming attacks striking Nice (July 14) and Berlin (December 19).

15. Footage of this Syrian kid took social media by storm, reminding the world of ongoing war horrors in Syria.

Image via WordPress

16. Pokémon GO changed the face of mankind, becoming the world’s biggest ever augmented reality game and one of the most viral mobile applications of all time.

17. Turkey’s failed coup d’état kept the world on its edge for quite some time back in July.

Image via CNN

18. And after Turkey’s controversial downing of a Russian jet in 2015, tension between the two nations shot up following the ‘cinematic’ assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey by an off-duty Turkish policeman inside an Ankara museum on December 19, 2016.

Image via WordPress

19. Lebanon managed to elect a president after *30 months* of presidential vacuum in one hilariously messed up parliamentary session.

Image via Wikipedia

20. And a brand new government was announced mid-December in the form of a 30-minister cabinet where the State Minister of Women’s Affairs somehow had to be a man.

21. The mannequin challenge froze people, and the Internet.

Image via NBA.com

22. Beauty vloggers lost their minds (and faces) under 100 layers of makeup.

Image via YouTube

23. Oh and let’s not forget about the Rio Olympics.

Image via LA Times

24. Donald Trump defied all odds, memes and media speculations, becoming the 45th President-elect of the United States.

Image via CNN

25. And this two-word mess somehow became Lebanon’s biggest megahit.