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Beirut.com 06 Feb 2017

19 Food Truths Only Lebanese Will Understand

Food, food, glorious food.

1. Extra toum isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

2. Going on a diet means eating a kilo of hummus with a piece of lettuce instead of bread.

3. Your earliest memories of alcohol involve your dad giving you a sip of arak. And you know you could ask for anything after your dad drank a bunch of arak baladi.

4. Nescafe from those sidewalk trucks just tastes better.

5. You get a twinge of Lebanese pride each time you choke back a doodoo shot.

6. Your mom’s answer to ‘I’m hungry’ is almost always, ‘There’s labne’.

7. Your mom makes the best mloukhiyye, no questions asked.

8. Riz b djeij will be served at every gathering, forever.

Image via sbs.com.au

9. Laban w khiar goes with everything. EVERYTHING.

10. You eat 15 fatayer as a snack before your meal, where you eat more fatayer.

11. Your mom disses store-bought foods any chance she gets.

12. The two food groups:

13. Real kibbeh comes from a stone jiren.

Image via tasteofbeirut.com

14. Most ice cream is great, but Hanna Mitri Ice Cream takes it to another level.

15. You can’t go to Tripoli without buying copious amounts of sweets.

16. Ice cold Almaza on the beach = heaven.

17. When bar kitchens close, Zaatar W Zeit and Barbar are your saviors.

18. There’s no real limit to how many baklawa you can eat.

19. And finally, you know that no matter where you are, Lebanon will always have the best food on Earth.