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Christina Naim 21 Feb 2017

9 Lebanese Breakfasts Ranked In Order Of Deliciousness

Image via @catherinekhoury on Instagram

Are you looking for the ultimate traditional Lebanese breakfast? These Lebanese breakfast staples will definitely keep your morning schedule full! Some are healthy and others are a little on the “naughty” side, but we recommend them all. Sahtein in advance!

1. Manakish (مناقيش‎‎)

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Of course, Lebanon’s most loved breakfast staple, Man2oushe, made the top of our list! Are you a Zaatar or Jebne fan? Why not both?

2. Sweet Manakish

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There’s a sweet version too?! Yep. Sesame, sugar, and butter. Can you think of a better combination on freshly baked straight-out-of-the-oven warm dough?

3. The Labne w Jebne Breakfast

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Nothing beats this traditional Lebanese breakfast made up of thick, creamy labne and olive oil, cheese (baladi, halloumi, akkawi… or all of the above), olives, zaatar, cucumbers, tomatoes from the “day3a”, fresh mint leaves, Lebanese bread, and tea. Pair all that with Manakish for the ULTIMATE and most perfect Lebanese breakfast!

4. Knefe (كنافة)

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This one’s for the ultimate sweet tooth: delicious, cheesy, gooey knefe.

5. Eggs

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Eggs are best fried with generous “dollops” of oil. Some households make it with kawarma for more indulgence (followed by a spike in cholesterol and guilt).

6. Mouajanet (معجنات)

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From spinach, cheese, and tomato Fatayer (فطاير‎‎) to mini pizzas and other dough-based goodies, these savoury Lebanese pastries are the perfect street food to satisfy your hunger (after manakish, of course).

7. Kaak with Picon

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Another beloved street food, Kaak with Picon (the nation’s favourite spreadable cheese) can be found all over the country, usually sold by an old man riding a bike / trolley thing on the street. Add sumac, thyme, and other fix-ins. Go crazy!

8. Foul and Balila with the works!

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Foul Mudammas (فول مدمس) and Balila (بليلة ) make one of the most famous Lebanese breakfasts that can fill you up for hours on end!

9. Lahm Baajine (لحم بعجين)

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If you love meat, then this one’s for you. Top this flat Lebanese meat pie with lots of chili and a squeeze of lemon, and you’re good to go!