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Meera Shamma 07 Apr 2017

Beach Time is Back: Here Are The Beaches That Are Open!

Spring has sprung, and in true Lebanese fashion it already feels like summer. Most of Lebanon’s big beaches only open during the summer months, but a few of Lebanon’s finest beaches are open all year round. If you wake up one morning in the next few weeks to a beautifully sunny day, why not pack a beach bag and head to one of these stunning beaches for a premature kick off to the summer season – and to avoid the dreaded reveal of your pasty white skin in a bikini when the season finally does arrive.

Sporting Club – Beirut

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Beloved by our parents’ generation and ours alike, Sporting Club is one of Beirut’s most authentically Lebanese beaches. If you live in Beirut and slept in too late on a Saturday morning, just know that it’s never too late in the day to pass by Sporting. Walk in at any time on a sunny day in March, and you’re guaranteed to be shocked at the fact that its most loyal customers have already managed to perfect a beautifully bronze tan. It’s never too early for suntans at Sporting! Bask in the sunshine, jump into the sea, and munch on a scrumptious taouk sandwich for an early dose of Lebanon’s most beloved season: summer.

Joining – 1.5 km south of Batroun

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Technically a restaurant, Joining is one of Batroun’s hidden gems. It rests among natural rocks that enclose a harbor, making this venue a rustic ode to Lebanon’s true beauty. Enjoy fresh seafood, delectable mezze, and a cocktail (or two) on the water for a fun-filled sunny day with friends. Relax on the natural rocks after your meal and you’ll be tempted to strip down to your swimsuit and jump into the sea once you see everyone around you doing it. Entrance to the beachside is free, which is a rarity in Lebanon, so be sure to make use of this spot before it gets too packed closer to the summer season.

Tyre Beach – Tyre

Not only is it open to the public, Lebanon’s Tyre Beach is known to many as the most beautiful beach in Lebanon, and the cleanest! With no entry fee, tourists and natives alike admire this natural beach for its soft white sand and unaltered crisp blue shore, with the water as clear as it gets for Lebanese beaches. Why not turn a road trip into a beach day? The route is as scenic as they come, just follow the sea to the south and you’ll end up at what is debatably Lebanon’s most treasured shoreline.

Pierre and Friends – Batroun

Ranked as one of the best beach bars in the world, Pierre and Friends is a refreshingly cool getaway for a day filled with sun, food, and adventure. You’ll find lounge chairs sprawled along rocks and sand, where you can enjoy a bite of Lebanese food with your feet dangling in the water. Be sure to stick around for sunset, where you’ll be overwhelmed with scenic beauty just as the DJ begins to play infectious beach tunes. Once the music starts, you’ll be tempted to linger and turn your beach day into a fun-filled nighttime pursuit, complete with food, drinks, and dancing along to the beats of waves crashing against Batroun’s stunning shore.

Long Beach – Beirut

Here is another one of Beirut’s classic beaches. Located between Manarah and Raouche, this summer spot preserves authentic Lebanese beach style perfectly. In many ways the scene at Long Beach feels like it has been frozen in time from Lebanon’s pre-war period, meaning this beach will leave you feeling nostalgic and dazed at Lebanon’s persevering culture. Pass by during the week for a calm and comfortable sun-filled day, or on the weekend for a more bustling vibe.

Lazy B – Jiyye

Note: Lazy B will be open as of April 12.

One of Lebanon’s most prized beaches, Lazy B is the perfect escape for anyone planning a beach day getaway. This dreamy beach features a sandy shore, three natural creeks, and two dazzling swimming pools for you to choose from. With green spaces for you to rest, eternal windows of sunshine, and one of the most dazzling sunsets you’ll see in Lebanon, Lazy B is a must-visit destination. The perfect mix of luxury and adventure, Lazy B is truly something special.