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Christina Naim 12 Mar 2017

5 Must-Try Dishes At Shawarma w Saj

Whether wrapped up in a sandwich or simply presented in a platter, the Lebanese staple street food Shawarma is probably on the “favourites list” of 95% of the Lebanese population, and with good reason! How can you not love this deliciousness?

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

I visited Shawarma w Saj, a fairly new casual Shawarma restaurant in Hamra right next to Bliss Street (also has a branch in Saida). This Shawarma joint is a definite must-try, so add it to your list of places to go, and I mean sometime in the near future.
Side note: I know this “checklist of places to go” never seems to finish – more restaurants pop up on a weekly basis than our stomachs can handle.

Moving on – here’s a list of my favourite dishes at Shawarma w Saj:

1. Hummus with Beef Shawarma (8,000 LBP)

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

Starting with the appetizers, we have our beloved hummus. But wait, this one’s topped with Shawarma – a delightful combination indeed!

2. Chicken Shawarma Caesar Salad (8,000 LBP)

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

Are you on a diet? Fear not, there’s salad. Actually, that’s a lie. Caesar salad screams anything but diet. Nevertheless, it’s pretty delicious; especially when topped with our favourite chicken shawarma.

3. Chicken Fajita Sandwich (8,000 LBP)

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

This chicken fajita sandwich just about sealed the deal for me – what a delicious sandwich! All the menu items here are made with shawarma (obviously); so the chicken fajita is actually chicken shawarma with fajita spices in submarine bread filled with our favourite standard fajita accompaniments – I’m talking colourful bell peppers and onions baby! Truly remarkable. T couldn’t put his sandwich down! I tried to convince him that he needed to save room for what I’m about to recommend next!

4. Beef Shawarma in Saj Bread (6,500 LBP)

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

It’s called Shawarma w Saj after all! Why not order something that has this Shawarma joint’s name all over it!? This beef shawarma in saj bread was extraordinary! I’m craving it right now, as I type this, so I’m going to stop and move on to the next one.

5. Shawarma Platter: Chicken or Beef (13,000 LBP for 200g / 25,000 LBP for 500g)

Image via travelingwiththyme.com

The shawarma here is not full of fat like most standard shawarma joints you find across the country. At Shawarma w Saj, you actually get some meat on your plate – and some delicious meat at that! You can’t go wrong; just order either chicken or beef (or both, whatever floats your boat!).

So now that you have a list of items for your next order, what are you waiting for? Gather a bunch of friends (who love food, obviously) and check them out for yourselves!