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Meera Shamma 12 Mar 2017

Six Themed Bars To Check Out In Lebanon

For when you’re bored of the usual, stop by one of these themed bars for a new twist on the Lebanese night.

Chaplin Pub & Eatery – Mar Mikhael

An ode to the silent age, Chaplin manages to make its clientele feel like they should all have mustaches. Here, the walls are embellished with vintage photographs, and the furniture oozes with retro vibes. If you feel like spending a few hours at a trendy pub reminiscent of one of the world’s most notorious filmmakers, look no further than Chaplin.

The Attic Bar – Badaro

Conveniently situated in what is now Beirut’s most hipster night scene, The Attic Bar in Badaro radiates with cool and comfortable vibes. This spot really embodies its attic theme, from its creaky wooden floors to the rustic water fountain outside. Notoriously owned by ‘The Old Man’, The Attic is bursting with vintage décor and furniture that feels just as antique. Pass by here if you’re looking to have a laid-back night in Badaro.

Junkyard – Mar Mikhael

What began as a pop-up restaurant in Mar Mikhael has since been transformed into a successful gastro pub in the same neighborhood. The ‘junkyard’ theme works surprisingly well, with parts of antique automobiles popping out of the walls, to walls lined with shipping containers, to pieces of scrap metal used in the seating and tables. If you haven’t visited this place yet, we encourage you to do so if just to get a feel of its eccentric setting. The food and cocktails are as equally delicious as the setting is inspiring, and they often host live performances, so it’s a win, win, win!

Trinidad – Kaslik

Photo courtesy of zomato.com
Who knew that Lebanon could do the Caribbean theme so well? Trinidad is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re on a distant island of the Caribbean, with vibrant decorations, and live performances including Brazilian dancing performances, Jazz nights, and live Rasta-themed entertainment that starts after midnight. There’s even an exotic parrot that will greet you at the door, and a friendly staff that will encourage you to have a good time. The bartender recommends the ‘Mafioso’ cocktail, so drink up, and enjoy the Caribbean vibes before you get home and realize that you’re still in Lebanon.

60s Beirut – Mar Mikhael

Throwing it back to the golden days of Beirut, this bar will transport you back in time and make you feel like Sabah is about to walk in (she isn’t). 60s Beirut is decked out with Lebanese inspired neon lighting and all forms of Lebanese memorabilia, so this spot is sure to make you feel nostalgic about Lebanon’s Golden Age.

Trainstation – Mar Mikhael – not open until summer

Situated in an old train station in Mar Mikhael, with a DJ that plays music from within a train cell, Trainstation is one of Beirut’s most intricately themed venues. You’ll be dancing the night away to good vibes and you’ll be shocked each time you hear the notorious train horn and smoke effects that go off at least once every hour. This spot opens just when Beirut’s weather starts to become consistently sunny, so be sure to keep a look out for its opening!