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Beirut.com 30 May 2017

We Found 20 Amazing Vintage Photos Of Beirut

Scouring the internet for some old photos of Beirut has become a hobby for most of our staff. Here are a few photos all taken from the Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection at the Indiana University Archives.

1. Raouche in the 60s, speedos and cleanliness.

2. The trendy Excelsior Hotel pool.

3. Street vendors by St. Georges.

4. The heavily French-influenced architecture.

5. Beach fun.

6. Carrying piles of bread.

7. Parliament Square.

8. Goods being sold street-side.

9. Parents take their kids out.

10. School boys.

11. The tram runs past Parliament Square.

12. The caption on this one reads, “Fisherman on mossy rocks.”

13. The view from Starco.

14. Old buildings were even old back in the 60s.

15. Narrow building right by the port.

16. Oil delivered by horse.

17. A mother with her children.

18. The popular fez hat.

19. Children hide and play.

20. Fishermen.