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Mira Dandan 20 Mar 2017

Lebanon Breaks Record In What We Do Best: Shawarma!

At a staggering 121 metres long, Lebanese chef Nader Haj Ali put together this work of art (yes, a good shawarma sandwich is considered art to us) in the Southern town of Abassieh, near Sour.

Image from: The Daily Star, Mohammad Zaatari

120 metres of bread were used, 62 kilograms of garlic, 80 kilograms of fries, 72 kilograms of vegetable oil, and a massive 292 kilograms of chicken.

I think I take back what I once said about never having enough toum.

This raises some very important questions. Was the new bread tax enforced on this masterpiece? Would it still be okay to order extra toum with our 121 metre long sandwich? How many packets of gum were sold in this town after it was devoured?

Not an inch of this sandwich was wasted (thank goodness!), as it was later distributed to both locals, refugees and spectators.