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Beirut.com 05 Apr 2017

18 Photos That Prove Saida is a Magical City

The third largest city in Lebanon, Saida is also one of Lebanon’s most charming. With its rich historic legacy and its ability to adapt to modernity while maintaining its bountiful heritage, here are pictures that prove Saida is one of Lebanon’s most persistently stunning cities.

The old souk:

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And its beautiful chaos:

The sea castles:

The soap museum inside:

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And out:

The beautiful architecture:

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And the serene waters:

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The iconic imagery:

The local shops:

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And the fishermen:

The rustic dessert shops:

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The picturesque corniche:

Every stone in Khan el Franj:

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The sacrifices made by the city:

The street food:

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And the fresh fruits:

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And each and every sunset: