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Meera Shamma 10 Apr 2017

Batroun in Pictures: Lebanon’s Little Piece of Heaven

One of the oldest cities in the world, Batroun boasts one of Lebanon’s most treasured coastlines. There’s more to Batroun’s beauty than the blue clarity of its sea, although the sea peeks and glows from every spot in this coastal city. Here are a few pictures that show the true beauty of Batroun.

There’s nothing more magical than waking up in Batroun

A weekend in Batroun is a weekend well spent

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It’s always summertime in Batroun

Food just tastes better by the sea

Where blues seem brighter

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And greens, greener

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But it’s just as beautiful in black and white

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It’s one of Lebanon’s top surfing destinations

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Where the sea will follow you wherever you go

Paddleboarding in Batroun is a must

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Natural reflections are everywhere

And time spent with friends is just prettier

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Where culture seeps from every corner

And nature does, too.

We love you, Batroun. Cheers!