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William Daou 14 Apr 2017

Literally Just 20 Pictures Of Shawarma

A little something to make you drool.

1. Here it is.

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2. Shawarma party.

3. If this shawarma was a rapper it would be called ‘Lil Delishus’

4. This is a double whammy.

5. On the stick.

6. And deconstructed.

7. Maybe you like it in this type of bread.

8. Yes…

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9. Beautiful on the inside.

10. And out.

11. Digging the la7me platter.

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12. We love you.

13. Propose to me with a shawarma.

14. You had me at shawarma.

15. Maybe your vibe is the sujuk shawarma.

16. Living the extra toum life.

17. Hello gorgeous.

Grab the $5 meal today: 2 shawarma sandwiches of your choice! Valid for dine in and delivery!

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18. I can almost taste the charcoal.

19. Cheers.

20. Now go have yourself a shawarma.