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Meera Shamma 20 Apr 2017

Young Boy Raped In Saida, A Sign Of A New Threat To Children’s Safety In Lebanon?

Mainpicture courtesy of The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari

On Monday, an unidentified man reportedly raped a 9 year old Syrian boy in Saida. The child was later found on Saida’s corniche, where his claims were confirmed after medical checkups.

Unfortunately, there has been a rise in such gruesome incidents throughout Lebanon, when just last week the Internal Security Forces arrested a suspected child rapist in Aley.

His arrest was followed by a number of complaints and claims from a series of young Syrian boys who claimed they had been being raped by a man in the area. The 45 year old Syrian man was later detained and confessed to raping four boys between the ages of nine and sixteen, on several occasions.

To add insult to injury, the ISF confiscated his phone, where they found numerous graphic videos of him raping and abusing young boys, sometimes more than one simultaneously.

Monday’s report of another young boy being raped is a clear sign that this is becoming a serious threat to children’s safety, both girls and boys of displaced demographics – and all throughout Lebanon.