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Mira Dandan 21 Apr 2017

Red Bull Beautifully Showcases Beirut’s Bustling Nightlife Scene

Lebanon’s nightclub scene is no stranger to worldwide attention, and Red Bull has recently had it’s take on it.

In this short video, the Red Bull team meets with several nightclub owners of our favourite clubs, including BO18 and Uberhaus, learning more about when they opened and why, while enlightening us a little more about the clubbing scene in Beirut.

Naji Gebran, the founder of internationally acclaimed BO18 tells us he cried when he saw his club receiving the attention it did when it first opened, while the owner of Uberhaus, Ali Saleh, tells us that even till now, many artists struggle with the concept of an Arab country having such a remarkable nightlife.

Check it out for yourselves:

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Thank you Red Bull for sharing this with the world!

Main image from: jetsetreport.com