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Ramzi Habre 20 Apr 2017

Lebanon Gets Its First Teenagers Only Nightclub

Will Armin Van Buuren, Skrillex or David Guetta be rushing to Beirut to perform at this new club soon?

Glow Pub is reserved exclusively for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old, and opened its doors on the 13th of April 2017 in Abraj Center in Furn Al Shebbak. The exciting new club opens at a humble 4 pm (not AM – this is not BO18) till midnight, and is open on weekends and during school holidays.

Glow offers karaoke nights on Sundays for those who want to showcase their talent and impress a potential school crush, or simply make everybody else question whether it’s them singing, or a cat mating next door.

Image from Glow’s Facebook page.

The place has a strict no-smoking and no-alcohol policy, in addition to asking the parents not to remain there the entire time, which is supposed to make the teenagers feel more independent and adult-like. Basically, you’re so not cool mom.

Glow offers the full nightclub experience, including music, a dancefloor, and multiple (non-alcoholic) cocktails to choose from.

Appearing on “Lel Nasher” program on “Al Jadeed” channel on Monday the 17th of April, the owner of Glow, Aline Chukri said that the place is like any other night club, but with extra security measures including 30 security cameras and hostesses accompanying the teens to and from their cars.

One security measure includes making teenagers wear a red bracelet if their parents asked the club not to let them leave until they are picked up. Also not cool, mom. I guess it will be long sleeves even in the midst of summer to avoid fending off the boys and ladies!

As for the price, entry is a small 30,000 L.L ($20) which gets them six tickets to be used for food and drinks.

Image from Glow’s Facebook page.

However, no matter how cool and new this idea is, you can’t please everyone! According to a parent that appeared on “Lel Nasher”, it is not healthy for teenagers to start partying at such a young age and to make them feel independent so early in their lives, because the fact is that they are still dependent on their parents. In addition, she argued that kids and teenagers have the chance to do multiple activities other than clubbing, such as sports, going to the movies, visiting malls, etc. while clubbing can wait till they become of legal age.

Party pooper.

Meanwhile in England, an under 18s club night quickly turned into a string of hilarious meme’s.


Either way, this exciting concept is new to Beirut and we can’t wait to see how it will play out. Best of luck to the Glow team!