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Christina Fakhry 25 Apr 2017

A Look Back at Some of Salwa Katrib’s Most Stylish Moments

Lebanese icon Salwa Katrib may have left this world early, but her vocal charm and signature style still fascinate us to this day.

The singer and actress was first discovered by her brother-in-law, director and composer Romeo Lahoud, with whom she collaborated on several theater plays including the Lebanese adaptation of My Fair Lady dubbed ‘Bint Al Jabal’, and is remembered for her rich discography featuring hit songs like ‘Khedni Ma’ak’, ‘Shou Fi Khalf El Bahr’, ‘Ala Nabeh El Mayi’ and ‘Alouli El Eid’ among others.
Today, we look back at some of her chicest moments through a series of candid images, capturing the essence of her graceful soul and exquisite flair.

Katrib’s classic style was complemented by her slender figure and elegant looks.

And translated well into her album covers.

Family has always been a priority to Katrib, pictured below with her husband, producer Nahi Lahoud, and her daughter, singer and actress Aline Lahoud.

The singer’s reserved personality was conversely met with a strong, captivating stage presence.

Her immense talent and natural beauty were widely admired by the public and critics alike.

It is even said that prominent Lebanese poet Said Akl once touched her arm after seeing her perform so as to make sure she was real and not a fragment of his imagination.

Katrib was a sight to behold on her wedding day, rocking an elegant long-sleeve gown and matching headpiece.

She trusted the fashion aesthetic of prominent costume designer and sister-in-law Papou Lahoud, whom she is pictured next to here alongside former president Elias Hrawi, and often picked outfits from her boutique.

Lahoud also designed her theatrical costumes.

The singer was particularly fond of the color red, which she frequently wore.

Large statement earrings were a recurrent staple of her wardrobe.

Her casual style translated as a subtle blend of comfy and chic.

She will always be remembered for her silken voice, exceptional talent, and everlasting poise.