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Mira Dandan 05 May 2017

Lebanon’s First Tattoo Festival Happening This Weekend

Tattoos are a form of art for many, a means by which people can express themselves and often carry a sentimental message.

Or not:

Anyway, this weekend, a two-day tattoo event will take over Beirut with 13 local tattoo artists tatting-up clients for you to observe and enjoy!

In addition to this, there will live DJ’s playing from our favourite clubs including Grand Factory and Playroom, to shake things up a little, but only after a relaxing morning with reggae and chill-out music. The entertainment doesn’t stop there, as there will be food stands, a chill-out area and three live performances on each day from professional dancers.

By attending, you’ll be in for a chance to win a $500 tattoo voucher from the artist of your choice. If you’re considering getting tattooed anytime soon, this will be a great day to come along and observe the talent that is before you, while choosing who you want to trust with inking your body.

Just don’t google translate things, or go with something you read on the internet, like this guy did:

It costs $20 for one day, or $30 for the whole weekend to come along and not only watch the live tattoos, the live shows, music and giveaways.

Click here for more information and to get your tickets!