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Laura Hamade 08 May 2017

Whim Gym: Beirut’s First Virtual Cycling Class

Ordinary exercise routines are old news, thanks to Whim Gym’s ultra technologically-advanced bike stations.

Lebanon’s boutique health club, Whim Gym is located in Hazmieh Highway, Damascus Road, Hazmieh Midpoint Center. Aside from the usual exercise necessities, Whim Gym has an entire room dedicated to spinning – but not your average spinning. This unique gym hosts virtual cycling classes.

Customers get to dive into an adventure during each class and explore the world through an enormous screen while working up a sweat peddling right from their stations.

Get a glimpse of how it’s done as cyclists pedal their way through Tortola with double the excitement and none of that annoying traffic.

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After attending a workshop in 2006 in the States, the general manager, Shadi Yammine came back to introduce the idea to the Lebanese population. He launched Whim Gym’s Virtual Cycling classes in 2015 and they’ve been a hit ever since with Blu-ray videos on 5m by 3.5m screens.

Each session takes about 60-70 minutes and can drag on for up to two hours for events. Cyclists don’t necessarily have to be registered at the gym to attend. Each session costs $5 and they also have a package offer of 5 tickets.

Whim Gym hosts virtual cycling classes every Monday at 7:00 PM where bikers get to virtually pedal through the British Virgin Islands, Italy, Colorado, Spain, other places in the United States, and Austria. The gym also offers Salsa, TRX, MMA, and more.

For more info, contact them on 03887873 or check out their Facebook page here.