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Beirut.com 12 May 2017

15 After School Snacks We Were Addicted To In The 90s

Snacks in the 90s were just better. Missing your favorite snack on the list? Check out this post.

1. Our introduction to smoking:

2. You assembled a bunch of these:

3. Fruit-filled chocolate Tutti Frutti:

4. The fake oreos with the offensive name:

5. These peanut-y treats:

6. The bubble jugs you emptied down your throat:

7. And then you unrolled an entire tape of this:

8. The chewing gum that comes with a terrible temporary tattoo:

9. The cola gummies, and you’d always bite the top off first:

10. The eyeglass chocolate candy:

11. The ultimate gold coin:

12. The jelly cups you’d wipe clean with your tongue:

13. The only type of dabke you ever did:

14. Sesame candy (Semsemiyeh):

15. Not just for banet: