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Christina Fakhry 22 May 2017

5 Lebanese Hidden Gems to Follow on Instagram

Because there is more to Instagram than self-proclaimed fashionistas and impulsive selfie-takers, we’ve compiled a handpicked selection of aesthetically accomplished Lebanese Instagrammers to follow if you’re looking for a breath of freshness and inspiration.

1. Zeina Makki

Zeina Makki’s Instagram stats may not rival those of other Lebanese actresses who have amassed a humongous following since shooting to fame with their elaborate #ootd pictures and casual selfie antics, but she has surely managed to distinguish herself from everyone else and establish a compelling individuality on the platform by following a consistent posting strategy. Her graceful style coupled with a distinct visual identity that is present throughout her posts and expiring stories make her account a genuine sight to behold, chronicling both her day-to-day routine and frequent travels with exquisite flair.

2. Nadine Assaf

(via Instagram)

A private account that hides so much thought, breeds so much charm and beams so much mystery. Assaf’s lunar module is all about being in the moment whenever the moment presents itself and creating the moment when it doesn’t. And this organic journey of beautifully captured moments is precisely what makes the account worth following. Frequent and purposeful, the posts naturally unfold as a visually satisfying diary of backgrounds, angles and simple pleasures. Our reasoning stops here, as we now leave you to unlock the magic…

3. Bums On Diesel

This eerie traffic-themed account might’ve only surfaced three months ago, but it has already earned a well-deserved spot on our list of hidden gems thanks to its striking interplay of wits and artistry. The rationale is plain simple: capturing precious moments in traffic from a distinct point of view, with special focus on the backs of trucks and other heavy vehicles. Met with flawless execution and a remarkable stylistic identity, the brilliance of the idea is further brought to life with each new set of photographs (usually divided into same-row trios). A great example of taking the ordinary and then subtly twisting it into something interesting enough to be deemed extraordinary.

4. Yahya Khaled

A post shared by Yahya Khaled (@yahya_khaled) on

A post shared by Yahya Khaled (@yahya_khaled) on

Authentic and unusual, this account, follows day-to-day observations that culminate into short stories. Centered around Beirut’s peculiarities but occasionally extending to its larger surroundings, the photographic material you will find here is just the right visual dose of Lebanon’s beautiful madness, presented in a different, aesthetically dense perspective. From atmospheric street photography to quaint urban portraits, Khaled’s work is seasoned with a delightful amalgam of urban flavors.

5. Hold That Drink

We’re ending things on a refreshing note with our final pick. Just like its name suggests, this account is all about picking up delicious drinks from here and there. While the premise is totally straightforward, the Instagram spectacle is made much more interesting thanks to a smart choice of background outfit patterns that leaves you longing for more. Cheers!