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Mira Dandan 26 May 2017

14 Hilarious Lebanese OLX Fails – Part 3

5 minutes into OLX and chill and you’re on the floor laughing hysterically.

We all make typos, spelling mistakes, or miss a letter out every now and then, but these listings are just too funny to ignore. From English fails, to hilarious descriptions, here’s part three our favourite OLX Lebanon listings – because we just can’t get enough!

1. A bachelor’s degree, or an actual singleton?

2. RIP

3. Steering wheel anyone?

4. Wow. Thanks for being so, so specific!

5. I read this in a German voice (and appropriately so!)

6. We feel you, bro.

7. LOL

8. Somebody pls explain

9. This photo is seriously questionable. So is the name.

10. “waw waw waw”, an OLX listing by Waw.

11. This keeps getting worse.

12. Showing off his moves, since he’s ready for marriage.

13. Shaper?

14. As Lebanese as it gets: LABTOB

15. You mean, echappement?

Please note: This is only a light-hearted and humorous post and we mean no offence to the owners of these listings. Thanks for the giggle!