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Laura Hamade 29 May 2017

Ice Cream In Beirut Worth Screaming For

From chocolate fudge sundaes to rich creamy gelato in a cone, it’s nearly impossible to resist one of the best desserts known to man. With the scorching sun starting to work its magic, you should check out our favorite ice cream parlors in Beirut.

1. Ci Gusta

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In Italian, Ci Gusta means we like it and anyone with normal tastebuds, regardless of their native language, will tell you that it’s something they love. Our recommendations are the Ferrero Rocher, mint chocolate chip, and American cheesecake flavors.

2. Orso Bianco

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I stumbled upon this by accident and fellow foodies encouraged me to give it a try. And I certainly didn’t regret it. From salted caramel to Vanilla caramel crunch, Orso Bianco satisfies those looking for conventional yet insanely unique flavors.

3. Sea Sweet

You probably wouldn’t expect Sea Sweet to be on the list but we highly suggest you don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. At just 1,000 LBP a scoop, you get to choose from refreshing fruity flavors including lemon, raspberry, mango, and sweeter options such as Kinder, Mars, biscuit, and cheesecake to name a few.

4. Helado

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Though not in Beirut, we couldn’t miss this one! One of our absolute favorites, Helado, recently expanded and introduced a load of cool new flavors like Lokoum, fig, salted caramel, and mint chip. Not to mention the regular coveted ones like Whiskey, Oreo, and Lotus. Best part is, you get a huge tall plastic cup filled with as many flavors as you desire for just 5,000 LBP.

5. Bouzet Jeddo

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A little more traditional and definitely more natural, Bouzzet Jeddo is located on the end of Bliss street in the cutest building we’ve ever seen. You can taste the natural ingredients in every bite – or lick. Their cool flavors like orange chocolate, praline, and chocolate will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt free.

6. Pop City

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We’re sure you’ve seen this colorful fridge at Beirut’s popular street food festival, Souk el Akel. We’re only judging you if you haven’t tried it yet. From fruits to chocolate, Popcity Popsicles come in many different refreshing flavors. Better yet, you have the option of creating your own and mixing together whatever is it your sweet tooth fancies.

7. Frooza

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Frooza was making waves at Souk el Akel and has finally opened shop in Mar Mikhael. Frooza make their own ice cream right in front of you, after choosing your base and toppings. Some of their cool creations include chopping up cookies, cakes, and even cinnamon buns.

Screaming yet?