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Meera Shamma 31 May 2017

Step By Step, A Guide To Some Of Lebanon’s Most Beautiful Stairways

Life in Lebanon can often feel like a winding road filled with twists, turns, uphill climbs, downhill slopes, and unpredictable shortcuts. Thankfully, there are some stunning stairways around the country that help make daily walks in Lebanon beautiful – even if they are uphill.

Some are well-known around the world…

While others are still waiting to be discovered.

Some of Beirut’s stairways will bring back memories among all generations.

A stairway in Beirut taken over by greenery…

And another in Beit Mery was designed to burst with color.

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Endless steps in Achrafieh…

Lead to Graffiti-lined walks…

And black and white escapes.

Some are lined with Lebanese icons…

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And others are adorned with culture.

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Some will leave you mesmerized…

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And others will fill you with anticipation.

You’ll find stairways that lead you to a glimpse of history…

And others that lead you right to the sea.

No stairway is ordinary in Lebanon…

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And its stairways are just as intricate as its cities.