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Christina Naim 08 Jun 2017

Burj Hammoud Restaurant Attracts Celebrities With Mouthwatering Sandwiches, And With Good Reason

All images are courtesy of travelingwiththyme.com

In the mood for kebab? Head straight to the mother of all kebab spots in Lebanon: Apo in Burj Hammoud for a frenzy of delicious sandwiches and bustling vibes.

The walls are covered with photos of Apo (the owner) with famous celebrities who visit this popular kebab joint in Burj Hammoud.

If you visit during lunch hours, prepare to wait at least 15 minutes. The food at Apo is delicious and very affordable, and it’s no secret! Just don’t expect anything fancy as this spot can be basically described as a typical “resto-snack”.

Now, let’s talk food!

Check out this GIANT Fattoush for just 15,000 LBP:

And their kebab sandwiches are a must try! Order the Apo Special, their specialty kebab sandwich, for a mere 5,000 LBP.

After all, if they’re willing to put their name on it, it’s got to be pretty good, right? Be warned though, it’s really spicy. We also loved the Kebab Khechkhach, also at 5,000 LBP, another popular sandwich on their menu.

We know you’re here for the sandwiches, but before you leave, you have to try the slightly spicy Kebab in Laban, at 25,000 LBP, topped with fried bread and nuts.

It was highly recommended by Apo himself who we happened to catch in person during our visit to the restaurant. We should’ve taken a picture with him for our own wall, now that we think about it, there’s another reason to go back!

Have you ever been to Apo before? What do you recommend?

Contact: +961-1-261789
Address: Harboyan Building, Tiro Street, Bourj Hammoud, Metn