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Meera Shamma 13 Jun 2017

27 Of Beirut’s Most Thought-Provoking Street Art

We recently wrote a post about Beirut’s most notorious graffiti – but have you ever spotted these lesser-known works of art around the city’s streets?

1. Promoting TLC on the side of a highway

2. This is an eternal truth.

3. Banksy-inspired revelations…

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4. Bottled-up.

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5. It is, innit?

6. The sea is for me.

7. No church in the wild.

8. Hey, you.

9. Do you?

10. LOL

11. Sounds like a whisper…

13. Break free.

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Where is the love?

14. You know nothing.

15. So much for optimism…

16. Calm down, bro.

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17. Liar, liar.

18. Hmmmm…

19. ?

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20. Power to you.

21. Hello?

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22. Do I?

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23. Fly me to the moon…

#beirutgraffiti #beirut #lebanon “Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away”

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24. Speak up.

25. Do it.

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26. Truth be told…

27. What is it good for?