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Beirut.com 19 Jun 2017

12 Signs That You’re A Twenty-Something Grandma/Pa Living In Beirut

Where are all the old souls at?

1. You prefer receiving candles and kitchenware over any other gift.

2. You single-handedly keep Beirut’s organic produce and baked goods scenery afloat.

3. You will happily trade a night out at Decks for a nice quiet dinner at Baron.

4. Where you’ll drink one or two craft cocktails before getting extremely sleepy.

5. You start basing your shoe purchases on whether or not they’re posture and back-friendly.

6. You seem to always need to speak to the manager. Bottled water not cold enough? Call over the manager.

7. You plan your outings around the days you’ll be washing your hair.

8. Scheduling a dinner past 8 PM is unfathomable to you.

9. You find yourself picking out a nice bottle of wine for a party instead of the usual two bottles of Absolut vodka.

10.You tell your friends you go to bed at 10 PM because you have to wake up early, but you secretly love going to bed at 10 PM for no reason at all.

11. You get a secret thrill when your grocery store re-stocks your favorite yoghurt brand.

12. Sunscreen is part of your religion.