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Lama Hajj 23 Jun 2017

14 Times ‘Titanic’ Summed Up Life In Lebanon

1. When you get in a cab and you know he’s going to take you for a long ass ride:

2. When you realize when the last time Lebanon had elections was:

3. When you ask your friend how long they need to arrive:

4. When your drunk ass can’t decide between meat and chicken shawarma:

5. When you accidentally drive through Achrafieh during rush hour:

6. When every Minister of Telecom promises fast internet then does nothing at all:

7. When you ask your mom for her mloukhiyye recipe:

8. When a guy thinks you’re a virgin:

9. When Roadster Diner sends you free dessert:

10. When it rains 3 drops and the infrastructure breaks down:

11. When it’s 6 PM and the electricity wiles out:

12. When you’re at Grand Factory and the elevator isn’t working:

13. When your friends are trying to wake you up after a long night of drinking:

14. When you pile into a friends car and roll up at the club: