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Laura Hamade 26 Jun 2017

4 Knefehs Worth Craving In Beirut

If there’s one thing Lebanese people can agree on, it’s that Knefeh in all its forms, makes one of the best breakfasts/desserts known to man. Check out the four coolest ways Knefeh is consumed in Beirut.

Sea Sweet’s Cronefeh

If you haven’t tried Sea Sweet’s Knefeh and croissant hybrid yet, your sweet tooth is seriously missing out. The Cronefeh is your usual toasted chocolate croissant, but with a twist… it’s stuffed with deliciously sweet knefeh.

Nasma’s Knefeh Glacé bel Nutella

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Yes, you read that right. Nasma’s new menu offers a slice of Knefeh ice cream Nutella Cake. Expect a crumbly knefeh base with cheesy filling, topped with Nutella. The Knefeh flavor is to demanding that it nearly detracts from the Nutella.

Si Bon’s Knefeh Ice Cream

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At Si Bon’s several branches across Lebanon, you can find freezers full of delicious Italian ice cream. Our absolute favorite flavor is the Knefeh. It tastes just like the real thing but this one’s cold and refreshing.

Zaatar W Zeit Knefeh in a Pan

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Following their successful Z Knefeh, which is a naturally lighter version of your typical Knefeh breakfast, Zaatar W Zeit rolled out with a super delicious and highly obsessed-over Knefeh in a pan.