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Meera Shamma 15 Jul 2017

This Young Lebanese Photographer Takes Stunning Pictures In Lebanon And Around The World

All photos property of Jack R. Seikaly Photography

Jack Seikaly grew up between the bustling chaos of Beirut and the pristine serenity of the Cedars. At a young age, he was exposed to life in two contrasting worlds – as many Lebanese people who live outside of Beirut do. He garnered a relationship with the city that remains as significant to him as his love for Lebanon’s natural escapes.

The contrast between life among Beirut’s city streets and the Cedars’ mountain landscapes is what Seikaly attributes his love for photography to, having taken up the hobby at a young age, and being specifically drawn to the contrast between natural landscapes and urban settings. Since then, Seikaly has traveled the world with his camera in hand, shooting stunning shots from New York City, to Rome, to the rice fields of China, and through the hillsides of Florence. Seikaly recently celebrated his 10th year of being a photographer at the young age of 24.

We spoke to Seikaly about his love for photography, his fascination with the infrared technique, and his admiration for Lebanon: proven through the otherworldly pictures he has taken throughout the country and around the world.


“I’ve grown to truly appreciate how different a place and people can be depending on where you are.”

Infrared around the world

Seikaly has taken up the skill of infrared photography, and told us about the ways in which it enhances his photographs. “I’m constantly trying different types of photography, which means that my style and technique is always evolving. Infrared is part of the light spectrum that’s invisible to the human eye, it’s the thermal radiation of objects so it’s what you see in night vision equipment for example. I use an infrared camera to capture this effect visually and that has a fascinating effect in photography. In the infrared spectrum, plants glow in response to a reaction with sunlight and this has pushed me to focus on greenery and its relationship with the environment it’s in.”

Here are some of Seikaly’s infrared shots taken around the world.

You can join Seikaly on his photographic journeys at home and abroad by following him on Instagram (@jrseikaly) and Facebook, where you can live vicariously through his lens.