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William Daou 22 Jul 2017

End Of The Month Pinch? Here Are Some Of Beirut’s Yummiest And Cheapest Eats

We know how it goes, as the month comes to an end our bank accounts do too. Luckily though, there are some delicious restaurants around town with equally delicious prices suitable for that dreaded end of the month bank statement. Here are some affordable dishes around Beirut that don’t miss out on flavor.

1. Deek’Matic

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What: the Deek’Deal – pick any of Deek’Matic’s delicious sandwiches, and pair it with fries and a soft drink.
Price: depends on the sandwich you choose, up to 10,000 LL

2. Mini Guette

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What: everything at Mini Guette is remarkably well priced and delicious.
Price: sandwich prices range from 2,000 LL – 6,000 LL, depending on your sandwich of choice. You can also ask for a ‘mini’ version of your favorite sandwich, cutting that price in half.

3. Classic Sandwich

What: indulge in your favorite type of sandwich, from honey mustard chicken, to the shrimp sandwich, to buffalo chicken, or even an escalope sandwich, all under 5,000 LL.

4. By The Slice

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What: get your hands on a huge slice of New-York-style pizza.
Price: slices range from 3,000 – 5,000 LL, depending on the toppings.

5. Taco Milagro

What: enjoy a tasty taco or two for an equally tasty price.
Price: taco prices range from 4,000 – 7,000 LL.


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From 4-7 PM at all DIVVY branches around the country, you can enjoy 50% off on all drinks and starters! That means that you can sip on your favorite cocktail and munch on your favorite starter for around 18,000 LL.

7. The J’s

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What: an American-style urban diner with a wide array of scrumptious dishes all at good prices.
Price: try one of their mouthwatering subs, starting at 6,500 LL.

8. Society Bistro

What: for fine dining at an affordable price, Society Bistro is the place to go!
Price: for example, a main meal of veal with lemon sauce is priced here at 15,500 LL.