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Meera Shamma 27 Jul 2017

12 Burgers You Should Be Eating In Beirut

You know what it is. Here are the best burgers to bite into around Beirut.

1. The Dry-Aged Angus Burger at The Happy Prince, 35,000 LL

When it comes to burgers, The Happy Prince knows how to make us happy. Try their deliciously juicy dry-aged burger to understand the hype.

2. The Béarnaise Burger at Frosty Palace, 22,000 LL

A classic American burger topped with mouthwatering Béarnaise sauce.

3. The Smoking Bun atSmoking Bun, 12,000 LL

There’s a reason Smoking Bun only has one item on their menu, and that reason is because it’s delicious.

4. Build your own burger at Le Gourmet Burger, around 15,000 LL

Choose your patty, toppings (over 20 to choose from), and type of cheese, and top it off with one of their mouthwatering gourmet sauces.

5. The Forest Truffle Burger at

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If you love the taste of truffle and you love burgers (which you do, because otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), then you’re in luck. Acote has a magical truffle burger waiting for you to indulge in.

6. The Ferdinand Burger at Ferdinand’s, 22,500 LL

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You probably know Ferdinand’s as a hipster hotspot in Hamra, where you can enjoy a beer or two or three or four from their selection of over 30 beers. But did you know that Ferdinand’s also serves one of the best burgers in Beirut? Now you do!

7. The Bacon Cheeseburger at The Bro’s, 13,000 LL

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Mar Mikhael’s newfound favorite burger joint, all the burgers at The Bro’s do not disappoint.

8. The US Angus Burger at East Village, 19,750 LL

For a hearty burger bursting with flavor, look no further than East Village in Badaro.

9. The Portobello & Smokey at BRGR co, 21,000 LL

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Mushroom and cheesy goodness.

10. The Classic Burger at Classic Burger Joint, 17,000 LL

CBJ stays true to its name, because their classic burger is prepared to perfection.

11. The Brisket Burger at The Butcher’s BBQ Joint, 13,500 LL

Slow cooked goodness is the name of the game at Butcher’s BBQ Joint.

12. The BBB at Roadster Diner, 13,750 LL

This is our favorite item on the Roadster’s menu. Complete with crunchy onion rings and crispy bacon, this mouthwatering burger is a must-try.