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Beirut.com 29 Jul 2017

9 Things To Do In Batroun That You Need To Add To Your Bucket List

We’ve already suggested a few of things for you to do in our Summer 2017 Bucket List, and now we’re taking a more specific turn. Read on to see what you can in one of Lebanon’s prettiest seaside towns!

1. Wine tasting

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Wine enthusiasts, you’ve gone to wine heaven. The Ixsir Winery is a must visit, and you can check out other wineries in Batroun here.

2. Have all the different beers at Colonel Beer Brewery

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For the people who are more partial towards beer, visit Colonel Brewery where you can try their different kinds of beer. We recommend the oh so delicious Passion Fruit beer.

3. Visit the Phoenician wall

Get in touch with your outdoorsy side and visit this incredible landmark.

4. Take a biking trip

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For a more energy-fueled activity, rent a bike from Bike Route, which is located on Batroun’s seaside road between White Beach and O’ Glacee. They have high quality mountain bikes including helmet and insurance. Doctor Bike is also available right after Batroun’s triangle roundabout.

5. Water activities extravaganza!

Because it’s located by the sea, Batroun is an ideal spot for all kinds of water activities like surfing, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

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6. Take a stroll in the old souk

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Wanting to experience a bit of tradition? Walk along the intricately pebbled streets of the old souk in Batroun, find a couple of catches, and to completely seize the day, you need to haggle with a shop owner for a kilo of apples.

7. Check out Our Lady of The Sea church

Being one of the most beautiful churches in Lebanon, you absolutely need to visit this old building located directly on the sea.

8. See the sea port

And of course, watch a sunset at Makaad el Mir (The Seat of The Prince).

9. Eat at Chez Maguy

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Worked up an appetite yet? Chez Maguy, a cute little place by the sea, should be your last stop where you will experience the real taste of seafood.