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Yara Jaber 11 Aug 2017

Lebanon’s Loveliest Lakes And Riverside Spots

For a country whose green spaces and water pollution percentages reached worrisome levels, our small resilient Lebanon still has it going in many ways! Check out these enchanting lakes and riverside locations that you need to visit – if you haven’t already.

1. Qaraoun Lake

Although artificial, Qaraoun Lake is a picturesque spot in the Beqaa valley perfect for picnics. Just throw a mat into your car, small sandwiches, a bottle of wine and head down to this lovely spot.

2. Bnachii Lake

A major tourist attraction in Zgharta, this lake is home to swans and ducks, which you can view up close if you take a Pedalo or mini boat ride. And during Christmas, this lakeside location boasts of a stunning Christmas tree and decorations!

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3. Taanayel Lake

Located in the Zahle district, this exceptional spot looks like something ripped out of a book. Many activities are organized in Deir Taanayel including biking, hiking, and wine tasting in the region’s vineyards.

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4. Oyoun el Samak Lake

Hidden in Akkar in North Lebanon, this gem is one of Lebanon’s most underrated and remarkable locations. Flanked with majestic green mountains, this place is suitable for picnics, barbecues, and soft hikes – and you’ll love to trade in the scorching heat of the city for the incredibly cool weather this spot has.

5. Chouwen Lake

Everything from hiking to swimming to sightseeing; you can do it all at this breathtaking lake location near the village of Qartaba, and the view from the top is something you definitely need to see.

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6. Yahchouch River

A lush green magic-land near the village of Yahchouch in the Kesserwan district represents Lebanon’s nature treasure perfectly. Forests surround the area which makes the spot an excellent options for camping trips.

7. Assi River

Sports enthusiasts you know this one very well! With its strong currents and rocky path, Assi River, located in Hermel, Beqaa, is the ultimate destination for rafting fanatics, in addition to being one of the most stunning natural bodies of water in Lebanon.

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*We wish upon our readers, who are planning to visit the aforementioned spots, to respect the environment and maintain the cleanliness and preservation of these beautiful places.